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Green Mark Consultancy

As a Green Mark-certified consultancy, SAC is a firm supporter of pro-environment initiatives, and fulfils its corporate social responsibility by advocating the creation of “green” buildings through its services.

Energy Audit

Energy Audits are a basic, but simple assessment used to ascertain a system’s energy consumption, efficiency and performance.

Turnkey/EPC Services

With a wealth of experience in designing, building and implementing air-side systems and chiller plants for buildings, we at SAC are confident in our ability to help clients achieve lower operating costs via energy savings.

Monitoring And Data Analytics

Our cutting-edge analytics and data collection protocols allow for intuitive, real-time tracking of energy consumption and usage.

Financing Solutions Services

Our Shared Savings model ensures that clients can truly reap the benefits of working with us.

Performance Based Maintenance Services

Effective and well-maintained equipment are often the centrepiece of an energy-efficient operation.


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